Jabu - Chamber

Jabu – Chamber

  Working from the shadows of the Young Echo crew; ringleader Amos Childs and resident emcee Alex Rendall step into the light as Jabu. Following their ‘Slow Jam’ contribution to the crew’s debut, 2013′s ‘Nexus‘, producer & DJ Amos and emcee Alex have been making music together since their school days. Heavily influenced by early...
Inkke - Thinkk Star(Club Mix)[from LOC016, Crystal Children EP]

Inkke – Thinkk Star(Club Mix)[from LOC016, Crystal Children EP]

Release Date: 21st July 2014 Label: Local Action Format: 12″ / Digital Cat No: LOC016  Release page/order: Local Action is proud to present the first 12” release by Inkke, Glasgow’s most talked-about new producer. Since contributing to Big Dada’s ‘Grime 2.0′ compilation, Inkke has been championed by key DJs and tastemakers from Scotland (Eclair...
DNN - Eclipse Dub (Out June 30th)

DNN – Eclipse Dub (Out June 30th)

DNN’s debut EP on Mnemonic Dojo - ‘Redshift’(out 30th June) – is the result of a year’s painstaking stylistic chiselling by the 27 year old DJ, and his first production effort under this moniker. ‘Redshift’ delivers three solid tracks deploying elements of footwork, jungle, techno and dub, combined in a tasteful and subtle way, mixed...
Ara Koufax  - Converge

Ara Koufax – Converge

Ara Koufax: it’s two producers driving to a beach house in the middle of winter to distill a bleak climate into something warmer. Though Melbourne artists Sam Gill and Luke Neher have worked together in the past as Naysayer & Gilsun, Ara Koufax is new territory; a collection of material covered in a layer of...
F U N K x T R I M

F U N K x T R I M

‘Those rizzles ain’t kicken!’
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Deeper

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Deeper

BD1982 - Platinuum

BD1982 – Platinuum

Jon Convex - Fade (revision 2)

Jon Convex – Fade (revision 2)

Introducing084: Shox

Introducing084: Shox

For a few years now, Shox has been an in-demand DJ playing party-friendly sets at venues around the country and abroad. His production has followed suit, and he’s turned out bass-heavy takes on house and funky for his own label Hundred2One, Audio Doughnuts, Roska Kicks and Snares and now Fat!Records. Download ‘Straight In’, a track...