Checan - BLAES [Clip]

Checan – BLAES [Clip]

Smasher - 'Shout Out' feat. Preshus

Smasher – ‘Shout Out’ feat. Preshus

Strict Face - 'In Evergreen'

Strict Face – ‘In Evergreen’

Tuff Wax Records’ 15th release hits the shelves on September 8th, courtesy of Adelaide’s Jon Santos, AKA Strict Face. ‘Marble Isles’ showcases some of the young Australian’s most promising and daring work yet, seemingly influenced in equal amounts by the thump of UK Grime, the exuberant, unabashed pop sheen of New Wave and the power...
Inkke - 'Crystal Children'

Inkke – ‘Crystal Children’

Label: Local Action Format: 12″ / Digital Cat No: LOC016  Release page/order: Local Action is proud to present the first 12” release by Inkke, Glasgow’s most talked-about new producer. Since contributing to Big Dada’s ‘Grime 2.0′ compilation, Inkke has been championed by key DJs and tastemakers from Scotland (Eclair Fifi, Jackmaster, S-Type) and further...
My Panda Shall Fly & Mau'lin - 'I'

My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin – ‘I’

Out September 8th via Project Mooncircle, ‘Push’ sees the bridging of two minds, a spontaneous event of shared loops, ideas and vision. My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin join creative forces giving birth to five abstract free-form compositions. Having followed each others work for some years, the pair found themselves in an East London studio...
Laksa - 'Baded'

Laksa – ‘Baded’

Subculture Sage | Stories and Tales [Music Video]

Subculture Sage | Stories and Tales [Music Video]

  Subculture Sage are emerging as one of the most exciting new UK Hip Hop acts. From musical backgrounds as diverse as Tropical Bass, Dancehall, Grime and Jungle, the London based producer/lyricist duo have come together through their mutual love of hip hop. The ‘Subculture Sage’ EP is available to buy now –
Problem Child - 'Confessions Of A Normal Human Being'

Problem Child – ‘Confessions Of A Normal Human Being’

Confessions of a normal human being by PROBLEM CHILD
Rival Consoles - 3 Chords

Rival Consoles – 3 Chords

Continuing on from his Odyssey EP released in 2013, Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles creates atmosphere and space whilst exploring waves of sound and rhythm, and the power of colour. With Sonne Ryan creates music to structure itself around a pulse, rather than the pulse being the defining point.