The first time we came across Darling Farah was through his ‘EXXY EP’ released on Civil Music last June. We instantly fell in love with his sound, which brought to mind some of those elements we’ve always loved across the length and breadth of house music. Deep, melancholic and repetitive, with a kick drum that felt like a fist in the chest on every beat. The name Lil Louis came to mind a couple of minutes into the second track, but a quick google image search replaced my mental image of him with that of Jamal Moss; his music bears that slickness and aura of some Lil Louis productions, while possessing an element of unpredictability. It’s like a fragmented version of house music communicated through a network and reassembled at the other end, with some of its elements getting lost upon the way; the end product bears a futurism, yet one with its roots evidently in the past.

His forthcoming third release on Civil Music follows in similar footsteps and as with his previous release ends on a track for fans of the bass hybrid. It’s entitled ‘Division’ and will be released on November 21st.

Free D/L On Civil Music