We all know that the purple haze of Bristol’s finest has laid a lasting trail that many can’t help but take a little toke on for their own inspiration. It’s no surprise then that when California’s Matty G came to town for his UK debut DJ appearance (apparently) at FWD last week he came packing some serious funked out specimens. In fact, the first half of his set featured a couple of solid G-Funkers that I’m currently on the hunt for. Anyway, Matty’s airing of the aforementioned got my taste buds buzzing, so I went in search of some suitable substitutes to tide me over. To Soundcloud I did hop. Search ‘G-Funk’. F*ck me did I strike gold. The second search result was the following track by a chap named XLII from Koenji, Japan. Check it. At 00:48 I couldn’t help but laugh to my self. You’ll understand why. Dude is sick. This is my sound of the next few summers. Behold, Japanese G-Funk from the future.

G-Funk Cosmology by XLII

Oh, and while I’m on this vibe, I can’t really go without a mention of a Mr Bobby Tank. Dude is on to something hot. Without a doubt this guy is drinking from the same water source as Joker, but he persists to push the envelope. The tangent of his stride is best exhibited on ‘Azraels Apprentice’ (below) where some fairly decent live drums foot the ladder for a sweetly up scaling synth lead. Have a listen. Like I say, he’s on to something, and if this and the likes of ‘Nexus Moonburgers’ are anything to go by, what he perfects in the coming months will likely secure him a second GET SOME mention. ….bated breath.

Azraels Apprentice by BobbyTank

Nexus Moonburgers (unfinished) by BobbyTank

Shout to Scipio Africanu for the Bobby Tank tip-off