I am really happy that this EP is finally coming out, it is something I have been waiting on for a long time. Gerry Read (or Gerry R) is a new artist releasing his first EP, ‘Patterns’, on the ever experimental label ‘Dark Arx Recordings‘. I have been following Gerry for just over a year and it was back in the summer when I heard another of his tracks on Soundcloud, ‘Seraphim’, that I got really excited. I emailed him and got chatting, it was one of best sounding demos I had laid my ears on and without any mastering or polishing it seriously blew me away. I put him in touch with Dark Arx as the track was very dubby, very deep with a skippy 2-Step feel, a perfect fit for the artist and the label in my opinion.

Since then Dark Arx has really looked after this guy and they have got Gerry’s first EP in VERY good shape. It was around this time last year that Joy Orbison was getting some serious hype from the scene, the industry and fans alike (myself included), one of the most eagerly anticipated dance records that I can remember, so when I say ‘Patterns’ could go 12 rounds with ‘Hyph Mngo’ you might be a bit skeptical but have a listen, it is the stand out track on the EP and it might just surprise you as to how good it is. I have also heard what is coming next, trust me when I say this, Gerry Read is going to blow, 2011 will be his, along with some of the back end of 2010.

Check it out below, you won’t be dissapointed.


Patterns EP – Gerry Read by Dark Arx Recordings

Gerry Read Interview

What’s your background as a music maker? (when did you start getting interested in writing/producing, tell us about your previous ambient/drone work, etc).
I started off teaching myself to play the guitar and drums in my bedroom. I was always into loads of different bands and never really liked anything electronic. It was when my brother showed me Bad Company, Andy C, Dillinja, & Shy FX where I first started to get into electronic stuff. It wasn’t long after that until I got my first set of turntables, where I started mixing ragga/old skool jungle. I was getting well into it and played at a few house parties my brother had at ours. Then we moved to Australia where we lived from a suitcase for 6 weeks, because all of our stuff was being shipped. My parents bought a cheap laptop for us all to use, which I used for downloading jungle mixes and finding new artists.

The artists I were finding through jungle music started to sound less and less like jungle music. (Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, U-ziq..) I’d always wanted to start a band before the move but could never find anyone interested, so I decided to make my own jungle music. After about a year on a fruity loop demo I was making fairly decent jungle tunes, so I sent one to Ruffah Ras Records. He loved it and wanted to release it on 12″, I havent heard from him for about 2 years though, so its still forthcoming!

How did your move to Australia affect your music-making?
That move pretty much has shaped any music ive ever made, and ever will make. Its like on holiday you dont know anyone, dont know your surroundings, your not familiar with the people but you dont care because your going home in 2 weeks. I loved Australia for 2 weeks, until it started to feel like we were stuck there. Knowing no-one, none of the areas. Some people after a few years get used to it, but I think I was just too attached to England.

What musicians and producers have had the biggest impact on your life and productions?
Squarepusher & Aphex Twin. They combine all the genres I love.

Who do you think is the most interesting new artist at the moment and why?
I dont really keep up to date with new producers, from what ive heard though I’d say James Blake or Mount Kimbie. They are brilliant.

If you had all the time and money in the world, what music project would you embark on?
My music is just a little insight into the main ideas that Ive got. I’d make this film ive been building in my head which would change the world.

How would you describe your music?
The first batch of stuff I want to make before my die.

You mentioned you were still working on quite basic equipment, do you think that’s helping or hindering you at the moment?
I just find it easier, im not well into software or anything. I use whatever is easiest to get my ideas across.

You have quite a high output, while some producers are taking 18 months to finetune tracks, you’re producing high quality material every month – what’s your secret?
I think its because ive just got so many ideas, so many tunes I want to make. I always hear people saying there stuck for ideas, but ive just got too many! Ive got a fair bit of spair time aswell because ive just moved back to the UK.

Where would you like your music and life to be in 12 months?
I’d like alot of my music to be released, even more of it not to be. I want to just travel around DJing and meeting people, doesnt everyone though?

And finally, please complete the following sentence…
take that tickets!

As a little bonus, this is a little remix from Gerry, forthcoming on Live Ones, very tidy indeed!

Gerry Read’s Nostalgic Mix (LIVE001) Un Mastered 12″ B side by LiveOnes