(Photography by Andrew Bonter)

GSINTRODUCING007 comes from London’s Cloaka; a producer without a release to date yet, but with so much promise already. ‘Lace,’ the track he has given to Get Some Introducing, is a perfect example of why. Full of the dark, weighty sub notes that have become a staple in so much recent club music; this track needs to be heard over a system to be fully appreciated.

Check out the interview, and download ‘Lace’ at the bottom. Its one of our favourites of the series so far.

– Cloaka, please first introduce yourself.

Hi my real name is Nathan, I’m originally from the midlands but moved to South London about 4 years ago.

– How long have you been producing for, and has it always been a similar style? What do you use to produce?

I’ve been messing about with audio software for years, but only really started producing seriously about 2 years ago. I used to play about with anything I could get my hands on, the first proper DAW I used was fruity loops and learnt basic drum sequencing on that. Then converted fully to Logic and haven’t looked back. The way it works suits me perfectly, I’m a bit of an OCD freak so I like to colour code everything!

I started off trying to produce Drum & Bass but it never sounded as good as I wanted it to, then moved onto producing all sorts of different genres at one point I was making cosmic disco. At the beginning of this year I focused my sound a little more and started producing as Cloaka, it seemed like the right time to do it and my productions seem to have benefitted from it.

– What kind of stuff do you listen to at home? And what nights in London do you like to go to?

I listen to all sorts at home depending on my mood really, I’ve been into music since I was very young. My uncle has a huge record collection of stuff from the late 60’s onwards so that’s probably what got me into it. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of electronica, things like Bonobo and Quantic. Also a lot of funk & disco compilations. I think it’s important as a producer to try acquiring a taste for different sounds.

Again with nights out I like to mix it up with where I go, I think there was a really good period of time to go out in London just over a year ago then it dipped for a bit. I think the last few months have picked up again, it feels like certain sounds tend to saturate and the vibe gets lost a bit. Recently it feels like a lot of producers have found freedom in what they are making and that has a knock-on effect on the nights. There are a bunch of new nights happening including the one run by ‘The New British’ which has a great vibe and is all about showcasing DJ’s and producers from the UK. Also Corsica Studios seem to be putting on a fair few good nights.

– Any particular artists or even releases that have influenced how you make music now?

I think a lot of my sound has to do with the amount of Jungle and Drum & Bass I used to listen to when I was younger. Guys like DJ Hazard, G-Dub and Dillinja really influenced my approach to the low end of tracks. I’ve also been drawn to sounds from juke and footwork music with all the ticking hats – something about it just appeals to me. More recently all the stuff on Hessle Audio, and by artists like Objekt, Joy O, Pearson Sound etc. I try to draw on stuff I’ve heard and then try to apply that to a club environment and make stuff I would like to hear out.

– Your favourite releases this year?

That’s a really tough one, it’s been a good year! Jason Grove – ‘Lost Cuts 3’ real old-skool vibes probably because all the tracks were produced in the 90’s but didn’t get released until this year. Djrum – ‘Mountains Pt 1’, the Tessela remix on that is the one! The new Jacques Greene – ‘Ready EP’ is one I just got, some of his best work yet I think. South London Ordnance – ‘Sanctuary/Roofy’ both tracks are great could listen to ‘Roofy’ on loop. Really I could give you a huge list.

An artist to watch, and one your already really into?

One to watch is definitely my mate Boxwork, his productions are just mental and he’s starting to get a lot of love from Mary Anne Hobbs and got a big release coming out in a few months. I’m also really into Jon Convex’s stuff at the moment, he’s just got a great sound to his productions and his work as one half of Instra:mental really pushed where Drum & Bass could be taken.

– What have you got planned in terms of releases and events coming up? I’ve seen a collab between you and Boxwork floating about..

Yea there’s a little snippet of one of the tracks on his soundcloud, we’ve worked on a couple of bits and I’m really happy with the tracks we’ve done together. I think we both like our tracks to sound a certain way and our styles of working compliment each other. We’ve started speaking to labels about a collaborative release of some sort, nothing set in stone yet… just keep an eye out!
I’m also working on some remixes at the moment, the most recent is for Royce Rolls – it’s a bit of a banger! Again all details are TBC still.

Right now I’m mainly focusing on producing, I’m also working with a guy called Empathet on a project called Forecourt which is radically different to the stuff I produce on my own. We’ve just given out our first EP for free actually. With all that I don’t have that much time to dedicate to DJing – I’ll make the odd appearance here and there but hopefully towards the end of the year I’ll have a bit more time and play more sets.

– Tell us about ‘Lace,’ the track you’ve kindly given us. Is it fairly typical of your production?

It’s a bit slower in terms of bpm than I usually produce, I tend to make stuff around 135 – 140bpm but this one is 125 I think. I’ve been playing about with slowing tracks down to try and add some extra groove to them. Of course there’s a ton of low end bass that’s quite typical of my productions… I like weight in my tracks.

– And finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

Decent headphones.