(Photography by Jericho O’Neill, T-shirt by Jennifer Hope)

For this ‘Introducing’ piece we’ve caught up with young, Bristol-based producer OH91 and have two exclusive tracks of his for you. ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’ are both melodic house cuts, built around soft percussion and UKG-style snares; two tracks we’re really keen on. OH91 already has a release on Subdepth Records to his name, and we predict a lot more ahead.

Grab the tracks below, read what Omari had to say, and Bristol crew catch him playing at Motion on May 19, Facebook event here.

– Hi. Can you first tell us a bit about yourself and what you do apart from making music?

Ez, my name is Omari aka OH91, I’m a 20 year old dance music producer from Bristol. Besides music, just chilling with friends, partying, eating, sleeping, cooking playing ps3 – standard stuff really, oh yeah and clearing all my money on clothes and alcohol then complaining when I have no money.

– What genre would you say you are making? Have you always made similar stuff?

Ummm, I try make anything really, depends on what mood I’m in at the time. I listen to a lot of house aswell as 140 bpm stuff, I’ve also been writing a lot of new music at different tempos from 80bpm to 160bpm which I’m enjoying.

- Tell us about what you use in the studio..

In the studio… I use logic rewired with reason and abit of hardware which is pretty cool. I don’t really limit myself with what I use tbh, if it’s there i’ll use it. I remember bunking a lesson and going down to Rooted Records and got chatting to Tom Peverelist, and he told me something which I’ve taken into account.. ‘it’s not what you use, it’s how you use it’ ever since then I’ve had that stuck in the back of my head.

– Bristol is becoming known for its young producers. Who else from there should we be looking out for?

There’s a lot of new producers rising everyday, Keyedup, Calski, Redranger, Rampz, Z3ta, Kahlil Dubz, Pea Whitey, Jay Jennings, 2hatCombo, Tanka, Kgw, Sly-one, Daffy, Ethix, Oatz – deffo keep an eye on these producers . There’s too many to mention, everyone’s coming with a new sound which is dope!

– Are there any particular artists or even songs that have influenced your production?

Hmm, listening to a lot of old grime instrumentals at the moment from the likes of Danny Weed to Alias, I love all that. Even the old school Ruff Squad tunes aswell, can’t enough of them.  I’ve been digging through my parents vinyl collection aswell finding some old school gems like Al Green and Tina Turner; stuff which is really good to sample as well.

– What kind of stuff do you play in your DJ sets? Do you usually play many of your own records?

In my sets I like to switch it up… I could be playing a Pearson Sound tune and mixing into a DJ Q tune which sounds weird but does go off. Seeing the heads reaction is wicked! Sometimes yeah, I just play tunes which suit the scene at the time.

– Favourite track to get a crowd going?

It’s a tune my mates from Koan Sound made with Jericho, it’s a Linkin Park bootleg which is sick! And Gemmy ‘Tales Of The Deep’ which is dropping soon on his label. 

– What can we hope to see from you this year?

More releases coming, a few tunes people have already heard. Gonna be working with a few more vocalists on different tempos too.

– And finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

(Oi blud when you go shop I beg you) get some biscuits..