(Photography By Tillie Ridge)

The next in this series features one of a wave of young bass producers creating so much hype at the moment; an artist who, to many, will need no introduction at all. Together with an interview, we have a free track from hotly-tipped, Lo Note releasee, Tanka. ‘Patience’ is a slice of vocal 90s techno, with a Boddika-esque, industrial bassline and catchy sampling. With almost 3000 Soundcloud plays, this is a track that has received all the attention it deserves; and we’re very grateful to have the exclusive! If you can, be sure to catch Tanka supporting Numbers’ Spencer at Church, Corsica Studios on April 19. Check out the interview and download the track below.


– Hi. Can you first tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, and what you do when your not making music?

My name is Francis Leigh and i live down the south of England in a city called Winchester. When I’m not making music I’m usually DJ-ing or just hanging around with some friends, that and taking pictures of food/myself distorting my own face.


– When did you start producing, and have you always been making this kind of music?

I have been producing now for about 2 years. I started making Dubstep then moved onto more 4/4 beats sitting around 135-140. Recently I have been writing tracks around 120bpm witch i am really enjoying at the moment, but all staying with 4/4 beat frames.


– Can you describe your productions with a genre, or would you rather remain flexible, in between specific genres?

I would prefer to remain flexible; if i had to say a genre i’d say “Dark Sexy Techno” but thats at the moment. As it starts getting hotter i have a feeling i’ll make more upbeat 140 things, as i feel weather influences me greatly.


– Who are the main inspirations for your productions?

My family are a good inspiration, my sister and my mum are both musical and give me feedback on tracks that i make. My sister’s daughters Ava & Amelie are also great inspirations as they make me happy. As for actual artists I would say Dark Sky, Pasteman, Admin, Drums of Death, Kidnap Kid, Boddika, Trevino and Dusky; but that is just naming a few, I could go on for ages.


– Whose music are you really feeling right now? And who do you see as one to watch for 2012?

Music i’m feeling right now is always Dark Sky and Dusky. Someone to look out for in 2012… umm I always got to big up my dad, Pasteman, who also makes tracks with leeds based don Mak, these two kill it everytime. My Nu Leng are two people to watch out for as well, got such a good club vibe going with their music!


– What kind of stuff do you play in your DJ sets? Do you usually play many of your own records?

When DJ-ing i normally play about 3-5 of my own tracks and the rest usually people that are up and coming, i always bust out some Dark Sky, and normally go from house into garage then into some darker things probably ranging around 130bpm. I used to be known for doing Dark DnB sets but thats long gone now…but maybe in the future.


– What have you got planned over the next few months?

I have two Collab EP Releases with Pasteman that should be out in the next two months.

1st – Pasteman & Tanka – Detroit ’88 EP coming out on Dench! with remixes from My Nu Leng and Manare.
The remixes are absolute fire! We are also providing t-shirts and other merchandise to accompany the release. I CAN NOT WAIT for this EP to drop!

2nd – Pasteman & Tanka – Camaro/Torino coming out on 877, these wont have Remixers but I feel the tracks are definitely strong enough to support themselves! This release I AM ALSO VERY EXCITED ABOUT.

And a solo EP that is on vinyl out on a Belgian label in May but information on that is to be disclosed for now! I am also doing some remix work at the moment which is going really well.


– Lots to look forward to then! Finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

Get Some… food in ya…cos DEM HUNGRY!