GSINTRODUCING011 is Capeface, a producer we only just recently recently came across; but since this track, ‘I Go,’ one we now have real high hopes for. Listen to the track and see for yourself – full of ingenuity and a precision that one might expect from a producer much further down the line. Check it.

–  Hi. Can you first please introduce yourself.

Hello hello! I’m Tom Smart, a 20 year old Surrey Uni student, producing some interesting ditties.

–  What came first – producing or studying music tech?

Producing definitely, I was writing tunes on my mums Nokia 3310! When I was a kid I was using stuff like Ejay to layer up loops on top of each other (I think I got that cd free in a cereal pack!?) Music lessons in school then allowed me to build on some ideas, then eventually I downloaded Reason and it all took off from there. Studying it at Uni has made me aware of the many different dimensions available to me, plus being surrounded by peers writing top quality tunes makes you strive to be top of your game.

–  What genre would you say you are making?

I’m always flitting between genres; I never want to be stylistically constrained. If I start a track, I’ll just go with how the sounds merge together and work around that, rather than set out with a ‘that’s techno/dubstep/house etc’ mind frame. In my eyes, the most important factor in making tunes is the artist’s expression; you lose that and the tune instantly becomes generic and dull.

- Tell us about what you use in the studio.

I’ve only just got used to my new set up, it used to consist of one broken speaker, writing tunes in Reason. This year however, I now have a pair of M Audio monitors with sub, and I’m writing on Logic with Reason re-wired through. I also tend to whack in some organic sounds from whatever’s nearby, it gives your stuff a properly different dimension to your tunes.

–  Are there any particular artists or even releases in particular that have influenced your production?

I think whatever I enjoy at the time influences me. I wrote ‘Solyme’ about the time Disclosure released ‘What’s in your head’, whilst ‘Hide Out’ took inspiration from the likes of Deft and Lapalux. I used to write electro house until January 2012, so along the way I’ve picked up production traits from a number of different styles, which has lead to a pretty bizarre amalgamation of techniques!

– Whose music are you really into right now? Labels and artists.

Paleman’s ‘All Good’ EP is a must have in my opinion, alongside South London Ordnance’s ‘Pacific/Trojan’ and Joonipah’s ‘Trapdoor’ EP.  Classicworks Label have released some pretty interesting stuff recently, I look forward to hearing more from them, and just about everything 2nd Drop Records reveal is always top notch.

– How much DJing have you done? What kind of stuff do you play?

DJing only really came about for me this year, but I’m now at a competent enough stage (I hope …) to start to consider larger things. Due to the stuff I write being more laid back, I try to encompass both smoother styles with tunes that have serious drive. Generally I’ll start off with house and gradually work it up to garagey/deeper tunes, that way I can cover a broad selection of genres.

– What can we hope to see from you over the next 12 months?

Well with in the next month or so, hopefully a free EP to be released on Bad Panda Records, and I’ll also feature on Wizard Sleeves free compilation release on the 1st of September. After that, a few collabs with some very proficient producers; Thology, Tarquin, TCTS and Anthony Ellect, then start off the beginning of the year with a properly buffed out, squeaky clean EP!

–  And finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

… Tuba in your life, it sounds fit.