On September 3, Get Some will put out the debut EP of young, Leeds-based producer No.Face. Backed by remixes from Elsewhere, Kitsch & Sync and Eagles For Hands, the original is a downtempo, electronica cut that champions the vocals of Ella Rothwell. Stream the EP out here, be sure to buy it from next week, and check out our interview and free track ‘Bring Your Love’ below.

– Hi No.Face, please introduce yourself first and give us an idea of you musical background.

Hey, my names Jack. I produce under the alias of No.Face and at the moment im tending to make quite dark, organic beats. I listen to a load of music but I’m especially into my metal. I think that’s where I get most of my influences from when it comes down to rhythm and dissonance etc.

– What came first – producing or music tech college?

Producing. My guitar teacher at school also taught music tech so I just started doing it with him. This was when I was about 15 and I’ve loved it ever since. I feel like pretty lucky to be at music college coz I cant do anything else!

– How do you find the music scene in Leeds?

There’s a lot going on in Leeds with the music scene, there are events on the whole time, but to be fair, I’m more of a pub or gig person so I don’t go to clubs too much. I’ve got a bunch of mates who have encouraged me to see more people with them next year though so I suppose im about to discover a whole other side of the scene rather than just live bands!

– Where would you like to be as an artist in two years time?

I think in 2 years it would be nice to have a few more releases, and people who are talking about them. It would be the dream just to have my name and music recognised by people who love their music, that’s all.

Is working with vocalists, ie. Ella Rothwell on ‘High,’ something you on continuing.

Definitely! Working with Ella was great. She really brought a whole new dynamic to the piece that was exciting to hear at the time and I’d like to see where I could go with that and the good thing about college is that singers are easy to find! I personally sing a bit and would eventually like to try something kind of Thom Yorke style. I actually already sing on my track “Rain”. Your debut release, the ‘High’ EP, comes out on Get Some on September 3.

– Can you say a bit about the technical production of the original, and a word on each remix.

Well, when I get down to producing, im not very technical. I just tend to do stuff that works, even if it’s a bit long winded. Even the song didn’t take too long to write. The real work came when I started on the mix. My close mate Pete (Exarch) has a great ear and he really helped me out with the way the piece sounds. I think we achieved a really nice spread that covers a broad spectrum of frequencies. That, for me, is why I like High!

The remixes are amazing as well! It sounds weird having your own work reworked by someone else. Eagles for hands did a great job with his remix. I love his style of producing anyway and he’s just made some groovy as hell! Kitsch & Sync’s remix is superb as well. They’ve kept the dark style of the original while creating a faster vibe. The chords in it sound amazing, a really “seductive” piece. Elsewhere given his remix a really upbeat feel in his remix. It’s a funky, uplifting track and still hard hitting. I especially like the vocal rework that’s been done towards the end of the track.

– When you made ‘High,’ was your intention ever a remixed EP?

No way! ‘High’ was an accident, as are most of my tunes. I was trying to write another tune but only like one bar of the drums from that so I just started something new with them. I never expected for ‘High’ to even be released so the past couple of months has been very exciting!

– Favourite releases of the year?

Like I said, im a big metal fan, so I have to big up Periphery’s new album “Periphery II”. Its intense. Kindred is an amazing EP. Really like where Burial went with that so I’ve listened to that loads. Ive also recently been really into my Hip Hop so another 2 faves are The Lost Files Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Boombaptist is a sick producer and I really like his tunes. Finally, Deft‘s Clotting EP is awesome. Some great originals and amazing remixes.

– Tell us a bit about your track for Get Some Introducing, ‘Bring Your Love.’

This is a track I made over a weekend a while back. I like this piece coz it sounds really up close and right next to your ears. Most of the sounds are recorded just using my mac mic and I really didn’t do to much post-production on it so it’s a very raw tune, which is think suits its style.

– Finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

Vanilla Diet Coke … That shits delicious!