Brighton-based Atlas has impressed us with an promising armoury of unreleased garage/grime dubs, coming from a similar angle to the likes of Etch, J-One, Wen and Settles. You can hear his other recent free release here, and check his dark club track, ‘Two Steps Back’, and interview for us below. One to watch!

– Atlas first tell us about yourself. What’s ya name and where d’ya come from?

Hello, I’m Ollie and I make tracks under the alias of Atlas. I’m twenty and from Brighton.

– You haven’t really stuck to producing one genre yet. Is that because you enjoy making different kinds of music, or because you’re still waiting to settle on an Atlas sound?

Yeah without a doubt, I like making different kinds of music. I don’t really like the idea of being tied down to just one genre. I go through phases of making tunes. One month I’ll be on a house vibe and then a garage or juke the next. I don’t think I could settle into making the same genre all the time but at the moment I’m really enjoying making garage which is what I’ve mainly been making in the past month or so. I was also lucky enough to get the stems of Etch’s Tek9, in which I decided to do a footwork remix. That was a lot fun too, it’s one of my favourite tracks by him. At the moment I like changing it about and I’m comfortable to do that so I’ll stick to a few genres.

– How would you describe the kind of music you make to someone who knows nothing about electronic music?

Erm, I probably wouldn’t take the time to fully explain my music to someone who knows nothing or has ever heard electronic music. Purely because I’d have to explain each genre that I like to make and then I’d have to try to explain how my music fits into the conventions of that genre. Seems a bit long to explain really.

– Which up-and-coming artists are you really feeling at the moment? And which more established artists?

Yeah man, there are loads. First off for me has got to be Lex. His beats are so crisp, I always enjoy listening to them. Etch, you should know by now, his tracks are on point at the moment. J-One, his productions are amazing, His Autumn Dubs part 1 & 2 are too much, big things coming from him. Sepia as well he’s the boy, He’s a very versatile producer, always putting out big tunes whatever he decides to make. Settles is one more he’s got a proper unique sound, which I really rate. Just a few more to mention are Aubyn, East Court & Murder He Wrote. They are all definitely worth a listen.

The more established artists are Pedestrian; absolutely love his DJRum – ‘Mountains Pt1’ Remix. Squarehead, always enjoy listening to his stuff. His tracks with Mella Dee are vibes. Mella Dee’s another as well. Lorca is a favourite of mine at the moment as well as Detroit Swindle, Presk, Shed, Urulu. Wen, I’ll leave it there before I go on too much.

– What do you listen to outside dance music?

I don’t really listen to much music outside of the electronic dance genres because there’s always something new and refreshing that comes out everyday, whether it be by an established producer or an up and coming producer who sends me their stuff. I used to listen to a lot of Joy Division, The Doors, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Colour, Foals, Radiohead, Velvet Underground, The Horrors, Libertines etc. I still like and listen to these bands but it just doesn’t have such a big impact on me and over the past few years I’ve been exposed to a lot more house, garage, grime, techno and introduced to footwork, which instantly grabbed me.

I like both UK & US hip hop, really feeling Onoe Caponoe, his new mix tape; Willow’s Midnight Gallery it’s real good, Loved Central Control too. I really liked Madlib & Freddie Gibbs – Thuggin EP. I’m a big MF Doom fan as well. All his work is good in my opinion but my favourite alias of his has to be Viktor Vaughn, Vaudeville Villain is such a sick album. I also enjoy listening to soul and funk, lately I’ve been listening to Roy Ayers – Ubiquity Vibrations & Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove both are great albums.

– Where do you like to go out in Brighton? If you could change one thing about Brighton nightlife what would it be?

Well it’s tricky because in my opinion Brighton is a shit night out unless you’ve drunk too much to care. We get the occasional one off DJ or DJ’s playing down here or we have AKA AKA Roar, Below The Line & Move nights, which are the only thing worth going out to really. I like to go out and see good DJ’s and hear good music, not to listen to mainstream shit that you hear four maybe five times a day on the TV or radio. I like the few good nights a month we have though, they are really about the music and for the people who love to listen to and get involved with it so I wouldn’t change anything.

– Can you tell us a bit about the track you’ve given the introducing series.

I didn’t really plan the track, I put the drums together and then it all sort of fell into place. Enjoy.

– And finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

Trailer Park Boys.