Wonky hiphop producer Chesslo Junior burst onto the scene last year with the ‘Graphic Description’ EP on WotNot Music, winning support from a wide range of DJs including Seb Chew, Addison Groove, Eclair Fifi, Om Unit and Kutmah. We caught him playing at the last Crystal Culture night, and ahead of his release coming on that label, asked him for Introducing040. The exclusive is Chesslo’s stripped-down remix of ‘Fizzy Water’, a track from Glenn Astro‘s ‘The Power’ EP also on WotNot, forthcoming February 18. See our quick interview and grab the free download below.

– Chesslo Junior please first introduce yourself, and say a little about what you do outside of music.

I’m chesslo junior I’m from oxford, currently live in london finishing the last year of my degree.

– How much influence do you take from hiphop compared to electronic music?

I’d say both in equal measure. Although with hip hop it’s always about the producers really, I’m always listening to the beat first and the lyrics second.

– There are tribal/afrobeat samples in one the tracks on your Graphic Description EP on WotNot. Is that something you listen to a lot and influences you?

At the time I was sampling lots of world music yeah, I found a few good places online to get some really obscure samples. I like the polyrhythmic element you get in a lot of african music so I think that fed into ‘Graphic Description’ a lot.

– Do you purposefully try and vary your style a lot? How wide a range of BPMs do you write under?

I think varying my style just comes naturally. I’ve made a lot of different tunes at any bpm. It’s weird to me that some people don’t do that. Having said that a lot of the stuff i’m making at the moment is 80-100

– Can you describe your music?

Tough question! At the moment it’s mostly about drums, trying to work in atonal elements. It’s all based around rhythm.

– I’ve seen a live set of yours before, do you DJ as well?

At the moment I’m mostly working on the live set. As i’m building up more my own productions the live set gets a little more detailed over time – That’s my main focus at the moment. My boy Manni Dee kills the ableton/mpd thing, I want to be able to do that haha

– What can we hope to see from you over 2013?

I’ve got a release coming out with Crystal Culture, hopefully in the next couple of months. Other than that at the moment I’m kind of looking to do more remixes/collabs and play out more. Always working on my next EP as well.

– Which other artists are you tipping a big year for?

I know K15 is always sitting on something incredible. U is definitely gunna make some big movements this year, his release on ManMakeMusic last year was incredible.. Obviously the WotNot family will always be growing and moving upwards so shouts to everyone involved.

– Tell us about the track you’ve given the introducing series, your remix of Glenn Astro.

Basically Jed from WotNot sent me over the stems for ‘Fizzy Water’ absolutely ages ago. I couldn’t really make anything of it so I kind of just moved on. Then in December all of WotNot were on Tim Parker‘s show on NTS radio. A couple of nights before I was scanning through my projects folder looking for something fresh to play for Tim, and I found those stems and a little idea i’d come up with. I started building the track and it was finished in a couple of hours. I like it, its got kind of a ‘less is more’ thing happening. Glenn Astro supplied me with some great sounds so props have to go to him. But yeah, I’ve played it out a couple times and its gone down well – so I’m glad I can share it with people.

– And finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

Rooibos tea, its the danks