Londoner Jay Richards, aka Chubba, has just (Monday, Feb 4) put out his debut release via Sirch Records, ‘Good Days’/’Round Up’ – two bouncy, sampled, house/garage crossovers. ‘Bad Girls’ is more of the same; grab it free at the bottom, and see what had Chubba had to say on London’s clubbing, upcoming events, his next release and more.

– Chubba please first introduce yourself. What do you apart from music?

If i aint doing music im probably with my misses! Or grafting towards my degree. Im playing out more and more now so seem to spend my weekends traveling back and forth between Bristol and London. If im not DJ im raving . . . or wasting money on ebay.

– What nights do you go to most in London?

I hit some Audio Doughnuts nights when im not playing them, Swamp81, EU4E8, Troupe. It completely depends on my lot are feeling that night but we all know what we like. Dont really have a night that i go to religiously, it is all dependant on who is playing where!

– What do you like and dislike most about London’s club scene?

I like the fact that there are so many good and new DJs coming through at the moment and so there is a lot of sick tallent about. I like going out to clubs i havent been to before purely for the satisfaction of being a bit of a neek and looking forward to hearing what the sound system can do. I dont like the queues for the bar and toilets that gets peak in clubs these days.

– How long have you been making music, and have you always made this style?

I’ve been making music seriously for about 2 years; started putting stuff out there for the last year. I started off trying to make dubstep funny enough. I gradually got slower and slower over time till i got told i was really developing my own style and sound so and really tried to focus on that and really perfect my sound. I come from a house back ground, my dad was signed to Subliminal Records so i guys the housey vibes have been in my head from day dot.

– How much do you enjoy using sexual samples in your songs?

If i had other sick samples i would enjoy use them just as much but i have accumulated nuff sexy samples but i like the sexy stuff cause its a little bit controversial. Half the time people playing stuff on wack speakers will pick up on the sex and be like ‘whos this’. And to be fair its 2013 so its not really the time for people to be sticking their nose up to cursing or explicatory language we are past that. Im using (discretely and not) Old RnB vocals a fair bit at the moment purely because they sound so nice and one of the biggest aims was to be sexy and seductive.

– Tell us about your forthcoming release on Sirch.

A few months back Caspa on Rinse FM asked me to send him some music so i did. A week or so later he played one of my tunes, ‘Good Days’ out on His rinse show and from that i had a wave of publicity. In that wave was Chris Minus, A danish producer/label owner/DJ asking if i wanted to release some stuff on his label Sirch Records. i had a look and the first release was a tune of his and Mosca on the remix. So i said yeah, swung him the pre masters and its now set for release early feb! HYPE! So far we have had some sick feedback from all over the place.

– How does the track compare to the one you’ve given us?

The Sirch release is two 130 bpm bits ‘Bad Girls’ is a little bit slower and much more housey. Both the EP and ‘Bad Girls’ make full use of Female vocal samples and are very rhythmic and bass driven tracks.

– Whats next after this, and where can we can catch you DJing?

I have a Release coming on Odea Records with a remix from Majora who is duppying raves at the moment, i also have a release coming out on Republic Records a French house/bass label. There are some other things that im excited about but dont want to talk about cause im superstitious about jinxing things. but i have a busy schedule in Feb, I just played Loud Noise at Cable got the following still to go:

22nd @ TBC DSUB (Junior Buzz, Mad ash, Jawzy ect)
23rd @ Motion with Troupe (Loefah b2b Jackmaster, eton messy, theieves ect)

And finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

. . . Chubba in yo ears