(Photo: Marcus Jefferson)

22-year-old Londoner Catching Flies came onto our radar with his recently-released ‘The Long Journey Home’ EP via Indigo Soul, three tracks of beautifully meditative electronica. He has a collaboration with Ifan Dafydd in the works, more solo material on the way, and has given us an awesome bootleg of Jill Scott‘s ‘Golden’ for download. Read our quick Q&A and grab the track below.

– Please first introduce yourself to our readers and give us a bit of background on your music?

Hello, bonjour! I’m Catching Flies. I make music, collect stamps and grow my own vegetables (1/3 of this is true). My second EP ‘The Long Journey Home’ has just come out, and you can check it here –

– What equipment and specific techniques went into the making of your last record ‘The Long Journey Home’?

Anything and everything. There’s some live piano in there, live sax (thanks to Dylan Kirby),field recordings of all sorts (including one of the Holloway Road!) Mostly I just do everything in Logic but I like to record percussion, pianos, whatever I can get my hands on really. I don’t really have any outboard hardware, but my favourite toy at the moment is the Yamaha Portasound PSS-140 – a cheap shitty kids keyboard I bought on eBay for a tenner – it’s got some wicked sounds on there believe it or not.

– Do you DJ/play live sets? How do you adapt your music to suit a club?

For the moment, just DJing. I tend to play edits of my own tunes, stuff I’m into and that has influenced me – but always on the more melodic side of things. Really into Andres’ stuff at the moment. I did a mix for Earmilk a few weeks ago to give you an idea – I’m also working on some more uptempo stuff so watch this space…

– Can you tell us about your forthcoming work with Ifan Dafydd? How did that come about?

We got talking, and sent an idea I had back and forth a couple of times. Then we spent a day in the studio together. I’ve never really collaborated before with a producer but it was good fun. It’s coming out (if all goes to plan) very soon on the forthcoming ‘Tings In Boots Volume 2’ on Push & Run. Keep your eyes peeled…

– Tell us a bit about the track you’ve given Get Some Introducing.

My remix of Jill Scott’s ‘Golden’. Hope you like it!

– Finally, please complete the following sentence: Get Some…

Food and hang around with chickens. This guy recommends it.