Still a relative newcomer, Tessela has had releases on Ireland’s All City label back in early 2011. However, the rush of excitement of listening to ‘Darlene, Please’ was intense and unforgettable. With a racing, industrial sound palate, the Bristol born and Bath resident, has literally built this track from spare carboretta, dump valves and exhausts pipes, engineering a precision industrial mix of pushy house with cold, growling techno. This guy knows how to build a killer groove, keep you guessing and squeeze the most out of a sound.

‘Let Up’ is a more understated, minimal offering. Focusing heavily in percussive detail, Tessela’s skills flourishes within the added space, riveting more of his industrial pads and banging oil drums to a submarine sized bassline that will send torpedoes into your chest cavity. Fans of Pearson Sound and Blawan will identify with this immediately, relishing the power and intricacy of the syncopated drums, machine-cut pads and found sounds that pull together to crate a whole that begs to be played loud to truly appreciate its full sonic detail.

Release/catalogue number: 2NDRP12018
Release date: Mar 19, 2012

This release features illustration by Verbal Picks. For more info: